Alastair is heavily involved in the running the following charities:

Chair, Common Earth – leading environmental foundation, associated with the Commonwealth Secretariat and committed to Regenerative Development.  Common Earth is the founder of the Common Earth Alliance – an Umbrella Organisation consisting of these large major environmental groups:
Cloudburst Foundation
Regenesis Institute
Capital Institute
Regenerative Communities Network 
Evergreening Global Alliance
Gaia Foundation

Vice-Chairman, Breast Cancer Haven, a leading UK national breast cancer charity with 11 breast cancer care centres and projects nationally. Alastair is leading on the development of a new HQ in King’s Cross.

Chairman of the Haringey Project for “On-Side” – a leading provider of youth clubs (“Youth Zones”) in deprived metropolitan areas. 

Trustee and Treasurer of the Metropolitan Drinking Foundation and Cattle Trough Association (founded 1859) (more commonly known as “The Drinking Fountain Association”) which promotes the provision of drinking water for people and animals in the UK and in the developing world;

Through his involvement with the City of London Corporation, Alastair serves as:
Trustee, Morden College
Trustee, Samuel Wilson Loan Trust