Alastair was first elected as a ‘Common Councilman’ (City councillor) of the Ward of Queenhithe in 1999.  21 years later, Alastair continues to represent the best interests of the Ward and its residents. He was appointed Deputy to Alderman Gordon Haines in 2006 and was elected Alderman in 2016, securing over 95% of the vote.

As he lives in the Ward of Queenhithe and has sited his business only five minute’s walk away (near Cannon Street), Alastair brings unique insight from Queenhithe to his role representing the Ward.

A long-term resident of Queen’s Quay, Alastair’s involvement within the Ward is deep. He serves on a wide range of City of London Corporation Committees.  As such, he bears partial responsibility for the oversight of many of the City of London Corporation’s activities and services.